Christmas accomplished

This post about the ridiculous over-commercialisation of Christmas mirrors my sentiments exactly. I wonder how it is that so many people have been so taken in by advertising, so that Christmas has become for them this huge hurdle each year.


I have a beef with the whole holiday hoopla.

A beef I might not normally share but since I have the luxury of a platform (this blog) and an entire large container of Costcopeppermint bark next to me, why not? Grab a cuppa’ and join me.

I blame TJ Maxx. (Ok, Marshalls and HomeGoods are in there too, but let’s not get all technical about it.)

Not really. Not entirely. But their ad team should really get a shot in the arm of good ‘ole holiday spirit. I mean, what’s with this “Christmas. Accomplished.” ad campaign? The one where they tell you to “out-gift” everyone? The one that intimates any together, Christmas-savvy shopper will go to all lengths to buy not just perfect presents, but perfect presents in copious quantity. Oh, and the decorations to go with them.

How did I miss the memo on Christmas being a…

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