The cat’s verdict: unimpressed

Little Girl Lost: Lucy Locket in her new house. Has decided she doesn't like it. Picture ©Caron Eastgate Dann 2014

Little Girl Lost: Lucy Locket in her new house. Has decided she doesn’t like it. Picture ©Caron Eastgate Dann 2014

While we humans are loving our new two-storey townhouse in the country, there is one member of the household who is not. Lucy Locket, our tortoiseshell cat, is not impressed one bit.

In the old house, she and I used to play a game I called “The Lost Girl”. She would go into a mini-courtyard at the side of the house between my office and bedroom. Then she would howl at the bedroom window, as if unable to find her way back to the door at the other end. I would take that as a cue to come and stand at the door and call her, and she would then make her way back through fully two metres of ‘jungle’ to find her way back to me.

Dopey, yes. Her, not me. Well, she’s an indoor cat—she’s amused by small things.

Anyway, from playing ‘The Lost Girl’, she has become the Little Girl Lost. The best she can do at the moment is sit on the middle of the bed, looking plaintively out, as if to say, “This is all I have left of my life, a shadow of its former self”.

13 thoughts on “The cat’s verdict: unimpressed

  1. Awww poor baby. Cats do not like change, but if she’s anything like mine she’ll come around. Glad you’re loving it!

    • Thanks, Fransi. Yes, she’s a bit better tonight. One of the main differences is that our old place had few external windows, as it was long and narrow, and the main windows and doors at the end looked out on our private courtyard. Now, we have so many windows. it’s like being in a goldfish bowl. She’s much happier at night.

  2. Caron – I”m so glad to hear you’re loving your new place. And of course, I”m sorry to hear Lucy isn’t. She’ll get used to it though. Perhaps she’ll find another game to play.

  3. Poor cat, but she is gorgeous. I haven’t seen a cat like that. She’ll adjust and love the windows, and she’ll find some games to play.

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