Nothing lasts forever


I have a couple of possessions that have been part of my everyday routine for a decade or more. They are not necessarily valuable or one-of-a-kind, or even very unusual.

One of them was a Capricorn mug I got in Thailand when I was living there in the late-1990s. Almost every day since then, I have had at least one cup of tea from this mug.

IMG_2535Although the gold leaf that used to decorate it has almost gone, it seemed to be going strong. But a few days ago, it broke when it fell into the sink. Just broke, just like that.

Now I have to throw it away, and I will. But I will miss it.

Knowing it couldn’t last too much longer, I recently searched for another on the internet, but there is not one to be found, it would seem, although these mugs were available in a shop at a particularly popular shopping centre in central Bangkok for six years or more.

A couple of years ago, I even emailed the factory that makes Royal Bone China in Thailand, hoping they might have some remainders. They replied very cordially, but no luck: the cups had all been sold years before.

So now all I have is these pictures. If ever you see one, let me know, won’t you?IMG_2531

14 thoughts on “Nothing lasts forever

  1. Oh, I know what you mean, Caron. It’s always those kinds of loved things that seem to break/disappear, etc. isn’t it? Sorry to hear your mug is gone. I hope you find another from that series; it’s lovely!

  2. Why throw it away? You could glue the piece back in and use the cup as a flower pot, so you’d still have it around you in a beautiful way!
    I love repurposing old cups, milk cans, and whatever by putting a little soil and green plants like ivy, sempervivum, or fern in them. When my husband broke the front glass of one of the small table lanterns from our wedding decorations I planted sempervivum in the candle holding part of it, and it looks pretty cool.
    This is part of the green stuff in our kitchen:

  3. i’ve had similar things happen. It’s inevitable, I suppose, but upsetting just the same. A part of your life is entwined in that mug. Hope you find another one (or two, just to be safe.)

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