A Perfect New Year’s Day

Today was pretty much a perfect day for me. Why? This is what I did:

—Reading (about 50 pages of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, by Helen Fielding, the third instalment in the series);

—Writing (350 words on my new novel);

—A long walk, during which we got caught in the summer rain. But hey, it’s only water.

—Art (including a quick sketch of an imaginary cat I am calling Michael, pictured below);

—And a dinner cooked perfectly for me by my husband, Gordon, to end the day.

In the words of the famous Australian movie, The Castle, said in awe-struck voice: “How’s the serenity?”MichaelCat

6 thoughts on “A Perfect New Year’s Day

  1. Caron – Oh, this sounds like a wonderful day! So glad! And I like your drawing very much. All the best with your novel!

  2. You shared a beautiful day with your husband and spent time doing the things you love. What a perfect day!
    I love your perspective on getting caught in the rain:-) Best wishes with your novel- I am keep my eyes toward your blog for more updates.

    • Hey, thanks. I never mind getting caught in the rain too much: as a friend said many years ago, “It’s only water, and an umbrella just gives you the impression that you’re not caught in it because it keeps one part of you dry”. I will keep you posted on the novel!

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