This is a bit more fun than writing lectures!

nanosummer2016I haven’t been posting much lately—that’s because I’ve been so flat out with work that I’ve hardly had time to do anything else. But I have a couple of weeks now with just a few hours a day of office work, and even the occasional whole day off.

I’ve become entranced with Nanoblock micro-building blocks over the last year or so, and this is what I’ve made so far these holidays. They are three iconic landmarks from three different countries: the Statue of Liberty, The Louvre, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Each one is built with hundreds of tiny plastic blocks—650 of them, in the case of the Statue of Liberty.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved miniatures of anything: little china ornaments, dolls, dioramas, model train sets. Until recently though, I hadn’t actually made anything myself since a childhood obsession with Lego.

Next up: Big Ben, London Tower Bridge, and the Parthenon.

9 thoughts on “This is a bit more fun than writing lectures!

  1. Love miniatures? See Lorraine Loots (South African miniature artist). You may well already know her work. Merry Xmas, Caron. Bing x

  2. I admire your patience, these are fantastic! Enjoy your time off and have a wonderful Christmas and a hapoy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

  3. I am betting this serves the same purpose for you as the coloring books flying off shelves right now:). It’s almost like meditation, right? You can zone out and relax your mind, totally focused on the task at hand.

    • That’s right—actually, I have at least 10 colouring books, also! I started painting about 5 years ago for relaxation, but making original art has its own pressures, although I love it. Sometimes it’s great just to colour in a pretty picture that someone else has drawn. I have been known to white out lines I don’t agree with, however, and draw in my own!

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