And so ends another puzzling day…


This is so cute, I had to post it. For those who don’t know, this is a classic Melbourne tram. Well, it’s a miniature model I made today with the Japanese micro block brand Nano Block.

These W-class trams were designed in the 1920s and built for decades, but they have been largely superseded now by sleeker, bigger, quieter models.  However, it’s the old clackety-clack tram, like this one, that is most fondly remembered as synonymous with Melbourne life. We had conductors on them, too, who would wear change belts, sell tickets, and dispense all sorts of information.

I’ve written before (here) about my new model-building hobby. This is the biggest model I have made so far (though it can fit in the palm of my hand). It came with a formidable set of instructions, but they are precise, every block fits and there are always enough blocks and more. Imagine if one tiny block were missing…



4 thoughts on “And so ends another puzzling day…

  1. Very cool…haven’t seen these over here yet but am keeping an eye out for them…really enjoying watching you enter and explore this world…

    • It’s so much fun, Margot. Actually, I never thought I could do this sort of thing. When I first saw the kits in our local little toy shop, I thought, ‘But I wouldn’t be able to do that’. Then I thought, ‘But I can read and count, and so why shouldn’t I be able to do them?’ Sure enough, I can!

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