It’s a cat’s life

Sometimes, I wish I were a cat. Well, I wish I were my cat, Lucy Locket. She has a charmed life, though in her typical cat’s way, she would probably dispute that, saying she has only what she deserves, as princess cat of the world.

Anyway, this is what I mean. While I was making a start yesterday afternoon on marking 92 exams of 1800 words each, this is what she did. I will let Lucy Locket tell the story herself:

“Started the afternoon with a nice nap in my upstairs bed, but was woken by Mama phaffing around with some papers.”

Lu 1

“Since I had been rudely awakened, it was time for a stretch.”


“And a wash. My owners have been putting some vile stuff on one of my claws lately, on orders of my doctor. Really! Hmmm, did I hear a bird out that window?””




“No, no, it was thataway. Better investigate.”

Lu 4

*Makes a flying leap on to desk and sidles behind computer to look out the second-storey window*


“All quiet on the western front.”


“Hmmm, think I’ll just sit here for a bit. Nice change of scene.”


“Well, that was a hard day’s work. Think I’ll go back to bed, and the afternoon is…”





“…just about…






17 thoughts on “It’s a cat’s life

  1. Love it! Sounds exactly like my cats’ lives. Mine hate when I’m on the computer. They don’t care that’s how come they get fed. So he usually sits on my keyboard when I’m trying to work. The other one, who can’t jump up that high, sits on the floor right in front of me sulking. Your girl’s a beauty, btw.

    • Lucy Locket thanks you! Yes, she’s lovely. Very babyish (even though she’s nearly 8), spoilt (just a little), and a one-person cat (me). She’s the first cat I’ve had that is not allowed to roam outside for at least part of the day. The farthest she gets is to our enclosed courtyard, where occasionally, she catches a moth. This is mainly because my husband and I have both had beloved cats who were run over, so we wanted to ensure that didn’t happen again.

      • None of my cats have ever gone outside. I am too afraid they’ll get run over. I only ever had 1 cat who wanted to go out and she escaped once. Luckily I saw her prancing down the street, very proud of herself, and I managed to corner her and bring her home. The others have all been very happy to lounge comfortably indoors.

        • Lucy has always been a timid cat, not one to roam, which is lucky, because technically, she could have jumped over the fence in our old house, and could jump up the one we have now, but doesn’t. In New Zealand, growing up in the 1970s, everyone put their cat OUT for the night. Imagine that! Yes, I agree with you, cats are quite all right indoors. A famous Australian TV vet, Dr Harry, said they actually don’t miss being outdoors as long as they have a window to look out of. He has always kept his cats inside.

          • Yes, mine have lots of windows which are always open for breezes (until it’s too hot and I put the air conditioner on. They’re very happy and well adjusted. And spoiled, clearly. They’re also extremely territorial about their favourite pillows 🙂

            • Awww, cute. I’m in trouble at the moment, because when we moved recently, I somehow misplaced her toys, which were all in a bag. The bag will be somewhere, but where…? Anyway, “Skunkley”, her soft-toy skunk from Vancouver, “The Lion”, her Lion King toy from MGM Las Vegas, “My Silly Little Pony” and many others are missing, and she has to make do with an old tail that fell off another toy ages ago. She carries it round and moans mournfully. Pathetic!

  2. She is a gorgeous cat, and staying inside sounds fine. Those of us living in big city apartments never let our cats outside. They couldn’t exactly take the elevators.
    A neighbor’s cat loved to just run outside of her apartment to roam the hallways. He ended up meowing at my door late at night, and I let him visit until the next morning when I returned him. He would also race up the fire escape if the window was open. However, once a relative and I had to go through someone else’s apartment on a higher floor as the cat was just sitting on her fire escape stairs and not going back home. So, a rescue was performed. He never ran up those stairs ever again. But he caught birds twice just sticking his paw out of about a 2″ high space at the window base.
    Sounds like some emergency toys should be gotten until that bag is found.

    • Interesting stories, Kathy. I love the one about the cat sticking its paw through a 2″ space and getting a bird. Awful for the birds, of course. Yes, we now have a couple of emergency toys, but she still likes the old tail best!

  3. Cats are just princes and princesses and they know it; their humans must cater to their needs.
    My neighbor’s cat did unfortunately catch two birds at two different times by grabbing them as they walked on the fire escape. Well, that’s cats, quick, agile, quiet hunters. (Meanwhile, the dog was so excited she was barking up a storm.) My neighbor awoke to see her cat’s and dog’s mouths covered with feathers, not having a clue what happened until she saw the evidence and figured it out. She’s a bird lover and was quite upset with both of them.

    A completely different story occurred when my relative’s cat, Poppy, was throwing himself at her bedroom door late one night, trying to climb up the door, howling, etc. What was the reason? His cat companion, Lily, could not be found He was frantic. So, my relative got up and went downstairs and found that Lily had been inadvertently locked into the dining room and Poppy didn’t know where she was. They were reunited at 3 a.m. and all was well. Who says animals (cats, too) don’t have emotions? Wrong, indeed!

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