Tree change

I haven’t been blogging as much as usual lately, because we’ve just moved house, and also, I’ve been really under the pump at work. In fact, I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do.
When you’re overwhelmed by work, it’s easy to forget you still have to live your life, that great things still happen, and that every day, you should be just glad to be alive.
I was reminded of that this morning as I walked to the train with my heavy briefcase, on my way to work.
Suddenly, I looked around me and saw the trees. The outer suburb to which we moved two weeks ago is like a country town, and our street is full of well established trees.
Who wouldn’t be happy, walking to the train, with this vista?

Picture: Caron Eastgate Dann, 2014

Picture: Caron Eastgate Dann, 2014

It was a glorious autumn day – the best season in Melbourne. Blue skies, trees with multi-coloured leaves. Heavenly!
People say “hello” here. There are a lot of people much older than me, and no one passes me without us saying a hearty “good morning” to each other. The men even tip their hats! Lots of people are walking their dogs, whether it’s 7am or 10.30am (I start work at many different times).
So instead of worrying about work, I’m just going to look at the trees from now on, and think about how lucky I am – to live in such a nice street, to have a job (albeit one without any security whatsoever), and to be able to enjoy every day.

In the end, it’s the little things that count.

14 thoughts on “Tree change

  1. It certainly is the little things that count, Caron. And I love that ‘photo of the tree! It’s gorgeous! I think it is important to ‘tune in’ to those things when everything else seems to be a bit much. It helps you to keep balance and perspective.

    • Thank you, Kay. I always say many things happen for a reason not immediately apparent. We were shocked at first when we found we had to leave our old home, but now we’re glad. We might even like this one better!

  2. awww it is crazy beautiful. how giant is the tree. enjoy urself. is there Fall now in Australia? give urself a rest, always there are huge amonut of chores to do.

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