Moving on: my 46th address, 50th move

This is what my house looks like today:

My study...or what's left of it.

My study…or what’s left of it.

Yes, we’re moving in a few days, after our long-time rental accommodation was sold and vacant possession required. It will be my 46th address, and I’ve lived in 13 cities or towns in five countries.

We are moving from the inner-city funkiness of Northcote, Melbourne, to a cute double-storey townhouse in an outer suburb that still has a country village feel to it.

We get much more for our money out there, and we’ll be paying $60 less a week in rent. AND, we can hardly wait for next summer and the first 40-degree (Celsius) day, because guess what? Now, we have airconditioning!

In another advantage, it’s easier for me to get to work, and I’ll be catching one train each way instead of two. It’s also closer to my mother: instead of a 145km round trip to her place, it’s about 35.

Miss Lucy Locket doesn’t approve much of the move, as most cats wouldn’t:photo 2

She was on high alert last night, doing her spooky Bat Girl impersonation:

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

But she’ll be happy when she gets to the new place and sees her new little private courtyard—this is one of the main reasons we took the new place, because she is an indoor cat, but she likes to have somewhere safe on which to sun herself and chase moths.

Despite all the advantages of the move, we will be sad to leave Northcote. It’s strange when the packing’s been done but you haven’t quite moved in to the other place yet: you’re in a kind of limbo, not really living at either address. You haven’t moved on to the next place, but you can’t go back to life as you knew it at the other.

18 thoughts on “Moving on: my 46th address, 50th move

  1. Ahh, the tranist lounge syndrome. From a tune by one of my fave songwriters, Gene Clark: “I can only make guesses, at some of my past addresses …” I’m actually very impressed that you can tally your total!

    • I remember every one of them (except the first two when I was younger than 2)—but only some of the roads and street numbers. In addition, there have been places I’ve stayed in for a short time and didn’t count because they seemed transient: the nurses’ hostel when I got my first job in journalism, the private boarding before I got my own flat, and so on.

  2. Caron – In our last move, the last thing to be moved was…the computer. I completely grok that priority system. It’s good to hear too that you’ll have aircon and a more affordable home. That in itself takes off some of the stress I think. And Miss Lucy Locket will get used to the new place, especially once she realises that she is in charge of all regardless of where you live. I wish you with your move!

      • Hell yes, London was – especially as it was 1977! Gisborne was a hoot for a couple of years. I went there to surf; moved into the room and house my sister had recently vacated. Worked on the local rag as a reporter. One time there was a dope bust. A picture of me with LOTS of plants appeared REALLY BIG on the front page of the Gisborne Herald. Much hilarity all over town ensued! Then hooked up with a wild woman, followed her back to Wellington …

  3. Good luck with the move. Hope all goes smoothly. Moving is a real drag, so disruptive. But once you’re in your new place, and at least semi-settled, it’s all forgotten and life is good. Sounds like you really lucked out — less money, less commuting, air conditioning and the cat can lounge safely in the sun! Sounds perfect.

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