Job insecurity as the new job security

My friend, Kenny, over at Consider the Sauce, writes about the insecurity of current work life. It’s something close to my heart.

consider the sauce


Today I went to work … for the simple reason I had a job to go to.

I will do the same on Monday and Tuesday.

And, hopefully, presumably, next Friday, too.

Given the ongoing ructions in the media in general and the newspaper lark in particular, this is not a situation I take for granted – even in a good week.

And this has not been a good week. (But perhaps it hasn’t been ruinously bad one either … read on, dear reader, read on …)

Once again, my colleagues and I have been tossed around by the winds of change.

In this case, it was announced on Thursday that the western suburbs affairs of the MMP group, for which I work, are to be merged with the western suburbs affairs of the Star group, which lives on the other side of the Ring Road from our Airport West…

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4 thoughts on “Job insecurity as the new job security

  1. Thanks for sharing, Caron. I think the whole key to modern uncertainty is flexibility The more flexible and adaptable a person is, the more likely s/he is to land upright if something happens.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Margot…the first time my bubble of security was popped – about five years ago – I went through all the layers associated with grieving (denial, anger, acceptance, etc) but by the third time, last year, I had adapted to have more than one iron in the fire and not to rely solely upon personal networks (although these are useful). I’m now doing work that five years ago I would never have considered myself doing, let alone enjoying and am evolving well away from those areas in which I thought my strengths (and interests) lay…

      • Good for you! It’s amazing how we humans can adapt, and how some things that seem like negatives actually turn out to be positives if we’re open to change.
        The author of that post, Kenny, a former colleague-turned-friend, is a great example of that and I admire what he’s done, especially in creating his very popular blog.

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