Home alone

Do you do things a bit differently when your partner or whoever you share your house with is away?

Home1Come on, admit it. When you’re home alone, you lick your plate clean, leave the bathroom door open, never put the seat down (if you’re a guy), watch dreadful reality shows and eat instant potato with butter and parmesan at midnight.

Only one of those things applies to me. Ok, two of those things apply.

I do live a bit differently when it’s just me. And much as I love my husband’s company, cooking and conversation, sometimes it’s nice to be alone for a few days.

home2Even the cat catches on. Lucy Locket always sleeps on my side of the bed when we’re both home, but when  my husband’s away, she takes over HIS side of the bed. She would never do this when he was home. I’m trying to coax Lucy Locket to sit on his special chair, then I will take a photo and send it to him in a message, just to mess with his mind. Bwahahahahahah!

Alternatively, the special chair makes a handy stand for my handbag while its usual occupant is absent.

So, for the next few days, I will have my paints out all over the dining table, and I won’t bother to put them away, because I won’t be eating at the table. I will eat in front of the TV or in bed or beside my computer: no need to be sociable.home3

There’s one thing most people would do when home alone, though, that I can’t: I would never leave the bathroom door open when taking a shower. I always have to lock it and take a phone in there, just in case. There are two reasons for this strange behaviour: 1) that classic shower scene from the movie Psycho; and 2) My house was burgled once WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER,  yes it was, and even though that was nearly 20 years ago, the horrible thought of it has never left me.

A note about security: people reckon cats are pretty useless protectors and, I agree, they would run away to save themselves first before defending their owners, unlike many dogs. However, this means that I know that if Lucy Locket is just sitting round, or curled up happily in her bed, there are definitely no intruders or strangers near our house. So if I hear a funny noise, all I have to do is check the cat to reassure myself that it’s nothing.

19 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. That’s so creepy that your house was broken into while you were showering. I think everyone has a fear of that.

    On a happier note, it is fun to relax by yourself. I find myself blasting music & dancing in the kitchen in pajamas. Haha

  2. I have what most times seems a pretty agreeable operation – about half as a single dad, the other as a bachelor. And, yes, things are for sure different when I have the place to myself. And just when one phase is ending, I’m looking forward to the next, alternate phase. But even when there’s the two of us, it’s still a boys’ place. 🙂

  3. Great post…when I’m home alone, the dogs are more likely to be allowed to sleep inside because I don’t like being alone at night inside the house, partly a security thing and partly for the company…I’ll also leave my hobby stuff out instead of putting it away each night…other than that, I’m afraid I’m very much captive to the same old habits regardless…

    • Thanks! Yes, dogs are great for security. By the end of the five days, I’ll be glad my husband, Gordon, is back, because he runs things so well, whereas I’m a bit of a wild card! Hope I remember to put the rubbish out on Monday…

  4. Caron – I do indeed do a few things differently when I’m home alone. It’s kind of fun to make up the ‘house rules’ for myself once in a while and not worry about it. I’ll have to try that midnight parmesan potato thing – haven’t done that yet…

  5. I live alone and always leave the bathroom door open a bit–the cats like to wander in and out at will–but now I’m having second thoughts! That must have been terrifying!
    I am unapologetic about watching reality TV–everyone needs a brain break once in awhile, and that’s mine!

    • Yes, it’s a very strange feeling. It was after work and I was getting ready to go to a very important business function, when I noticed the window broken beside the front door. I’d been out to get the mail before I had my shower, so I would have noticed then if the window was already broken. They might have knocked at the door, but I couldn’t hear that from the shower, so perhaps they thought the house was empty, and smashed their way in. Perhaps they also got a fright when they realised someone was home! They quickly grabbed my laptop and made off before I discovered them. Unfortunately for me, it had my novel on it and I hadn’t backed up the last 100 pages. I had to rewrite them! Anyway, I had to go to the business function and couldn’t call the police until I got home. The taxi driver helped me board up the window in the mean time!

  6. I love this post! I leave the dishes in the sink longer than usual, drop my shopping bags anywhere I please, and I delay doing any chores!

    I don’t ever lock my bathroom door or take a phone with me. I will from now on. These are two simple ways to keep safe.

    If the cat didn’t run away, the home is safe. I say this is good security.

    • Thanks! I also think a phone in the bathroom is a good idea also in case you fall over or lock yourself in. But I’m a crazy “what if” sort of person: these things will probably never happen. My dishes from last night are still in the sink and I don’t bother making the bed—my grandma would be horrified.

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