Sky high

There are some days that just make your heart soar with the possibilities that life has to offer. Today is such a day: the sky where I live in Melbourne, Australia, was so impossibly blue, I just had to take this photo of it.

Sky HighWith a temperature of 25 C (77 F), just a breath of wind, and some puffy clouds on the horizon, it couldn’t be better.

It’s Melbourne Cup day. For readers outside Australia, this is the horse race “that stops a nation”. It’s a public holiday in my state, Victoria, and at 3pm, TVs throughout the country are tuned in to watch the race. It was great to see trainer Gai Waterhouse become the first female trainer of a Cup winner with Fiorente, ridden by the amazing Damien Oliver.

(Actually, I have to say I’m not much of a fan of racing: I have a problem with any sport that exploits animals. But that aside, there is always a special holiday feeling in Melbourne on Cup day, like a carnival).

But back to the blue sky. I know the blue is just a trick of the light, but it certainly does fill me with cheer and hope for the months to come. It’s the time of year that my university teaching is finished, with just a couple more weeks of marking before I’m free.

After a few weeks’ break, I’m going to concentrate on my own writing this summer: getting stuck into my next book is my priority.

The peace to write is one of life’s greatest joys: bring it on!

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