Flying Fish and Beef Stifado. Kokari, Samos

It’s winter in Melbourne at the moment, and although we’ve been told it’s the warmest July on record, it still feels cold to me! So for a bit of escapism, I couldn’t resist reblogging these amazing photos of Samos in Greece, on one of my favourite blogs, A Word in Your Ear.

A Word in Your Ear


Unlike some Greek islands, Samos is not covered in photogenic white-washed, blue roofed villages and despite the number of Greek philosophers and deities that originate from here antiquities and ruins are few and far between.  What Samos does have is character, swathes of  green, remote beaches, plenty of wild life and abandoned topaz coloured stone buildings.  However,  there are some villages on the island that conform to the traditional stereotype of what the world thinks Greek Islands should look like and the village of Kokari is one such place.


I always try to take our visitors to Kokari at least once during their visit where the village is set around a harbour and beach area.  The food is always good and there are 3 stunning coves close by that one can  walk to for a swim before heading home.


Sitting down at ‘La Casa’ restaurant by the harbour, where silver…

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