Introducing The Crayon Files

I’m Caron Eastgate Dann, a writer, journalist and academic based in Melbourne, Australia. This blog investigates rediscovery, from old books to childhood hobbies, from discussing favourite recipes to travelling back to favourite destinations. It’s not a nostalgic trip down a clichéd memory lane, however: rather, it will discuss how aspects of the past can be very much part of the present and can be integrated with new media and 21st-century ideas. I started thinking about this a few years ago when a technician was doing some work on my computer system. I asked if I needed a new modem, because the one I had was quite old. “Actually, it’s fine,” he said. “Not everything old has to be thrown away”.

If you’d like to know where the title The Crayon Files comes from, find out here.

13 thoughts on “Introducing The Crayon Files

  1. Wow, Caron. I’m so grateful to have a university lecturer and published author on board of Bloggers for Peace. I’m sure you must have come across some incredible lessons about peace in Thailand. I can’t wait to read your posts on peace. Thank you again for your support and commitment.

  2. Hello! I hopped to your site from Rara’s and…Happy Label Day! Have to say I never heard of the name Caron before (I’m from The Netherlands). I love it! The Crayon Files, it sounds very colorful in my mind! I have to read how it came about now 🙂

  3. I’m an old who was given the glad hand and retired (demoted) from my parenting role. As a grandma, I’ve been reinstated for active grandmotherly duty, My children have come to realise that old can be useful.

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